Hello everyone and welcome to my 49th analysis, this time featuring General Holter.
Holter doesn't have a unique moveset since many Metal monsters have the AOE Magnetize+high damage Metal AOE combo, but Holter has 2 things going for him that makes him different: the Tough trait and being ranked up easier than these monsters. These two things give Holter a massive advantage over his fellow Magnetize attackers, however Holter has low Life and no deny moves, plus he wants more than 4 moveslots.

-Magnetic Missiles
-Bomb Rain
-Burning Cannon/Expert Shot
-Flaming Cannon/Expert Shot
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Magnetic Missiles and Bomb Rain form his massive 2 turn damage combo, though Bomb Rain still has great damage even if it's used without Magnetic Missiles. Burning Cannon may have low Base Power, but it's very useful against Timerion, plus it has a Burn effect. Expert Shot gives Double Damage, which can be used before Bomb Rain to deal massive damage through a different way. Lastly, Flaming Cannon has 2 CD, but does the most damage of all his moves, but Expert Shot can also be used here if you want to keep the 0 CD move. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his power.

Teammates: Other monsters with Magnetize speed up both of their work. Monsters who can give him Precision allows for surefire execution of his AOEs.

Countering General Holter: Timerion is by far the best counter since he can use CDs Activated and force Holter to be stuck with either no attacks or a rather weak 45 Base Power attack for 2 turns. Any monster who is faster than Holter can strike his weak Life- Jakugan is a perfect example as with 2 Strength 1 Speed, Head Crop will definitely one-shot.