It's insane that you can have two monsters fighting each, both of them the exact same monster at the exact same level, yet one of them has a skill the other one can not have. Does that sound crazy to you? Is that something you think should be fixed or what?

I just got Sammy the Plague. However, I don't have enough to rank him all the way to get all his skills. I do, however, have enough to rank him to be level 110. But I don't want to waste the cells and rank him to level 110 if I won't be able to have Samuel Warrior like the other Sammy's out there have at level 110.

Simple solution. Either remove that skill from them, or let me get that skill at that level. SP has used this fixed before when people glitched with above-rank skills for Warmasters, so you'd think it would be an easy thing to do. It just takes the willingness to actually do it.

Can someone from SP please respond?