Hello everyone and welcome to my 50th analysis, this time featuring Ouros.
This monster has always had a special place in my heart since he is my first monster to reach level 115. Aside from that, Ouros is legendary even among tanks: with his monstrous Life stat and Mountain trait, along with an extremely synergetic moveset, Ouros is known for stalling indefinitely in Wars and either causing the attacker to lose to time-out, or have so many turns that he uses his special move, Global Stomp, which has a chance to instantly kill its targets-super useful with his tanky nature. However, with the arrival of monsters with Mega Stun-especially Brontes and Hiroim- Ouros took a huge hit, as Mega Stun goes through Mountain, and coupled with his very low Base Speed, puts Ouros out of commision for nearly the whole match.

-Cho Oyu
Runes: 2 Life 1 Speed

Everest doubles Ouros' already gigantic Life and draws all attacks towards him. Cho Oyu reflects all damage done to him, and combined with Everest, is his main way of dealing damage. Lhotse and Manaslu increase Ouros' survivability by giving him a Shield and Regeneration, respectively. 2 Life 1 Speed increases his Life to astronomic levels while the 1 Speed prevents others from running laps around him.

Teammates: General Ingvar is one of the best teammates since he can rid Ouros of damaging status, and give him Stamina Regen to keep him from recharging. In a team with Ouros, except from the denier, you can try to choose other monsters who can stall out the game as well, such as Varuna, to allow Ouros to use his special. Also keep in mind that Ouros deals very nicely with VoltaiK and Zyla, and almost any attacker who has high damage single target moves since there is little that Ouros can't take.

Countering Ouros: Hiroim the Tenacious and Brontes are by far the best counters since Mega Stun disables him for almost the entire match. Removing buffs is also useful to get rid of his key buffs. Burn and such status effects help whittle down Ouros since with his monstrous Life, he'll tike much damage from those status effects.