I just had a game freeze during a Team War fight that happened after I used Furhem.

Setup when it happened:

  • Team was Thetys, Kaih and Furhem.
  • Opponent's Growler used his special which stunned my Kaih and Thetys.
  • Thetys went next and lost a turn from the stun.
  • Furhem went next. I thought sweet I can use my Scourrr to attack and clear Kaih's stun.
  • Immediately while it cast, I briefly saw something flash on Kaih - it was either "Immune to Stun" or "Recently Stunned"
  • The game immediately hard froze and I had to close the game.

I think what triggered it was Scourrr trying to clear a Stun. Not sure if it was related to Kaih in particular.

Anyone ever noticed this before? Hard to reproduce without being able to Stun my Kaih.