Hello everyone and welcome to my 51st analysis, this time featuring Holter's Pet.
This monster is one of the few Metal tanks and one of the better ones at that thanks to his trait, Tough. Also, he has a 0 CD move against Timerion which is always fantastic for a Metal monster, plus he has good damage output. However, his Speed is low and he doesn't have a proper deny move, which hurts him a lot, and faces competition from Uther the Valiant, who is better in almost every relevant way, though he is a VIP.

-Gain Fear!
-Awaken Beast
-Stroner Than Ever!
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Life 1 Strength

Gain Fear does low damage, but it gives him a large 75% Life Shield. Awaken Beast is a powerful AOE attack which is always useful. Destabilizer is this guy's weapon vs. Timerion and any monster in general, since unresisted 0 CD with 55 Base Power is no laughing matter. Stronger Than Ever! restores his Life which is everything for a tank, plus after Destabilizer it'll do great damage. 1 Speed, Life and Strength gives him the stats he needs.

Teammates: AOE Magnetizers not only make his Metal AOE unresisted, but also more powerful. Monsters who can remove negative effects can rid him of Burns and such.

Countering Holter's Pet: Hitting him with powerful Magic attacks before he gains his Shield is a good idea: Pinky Flash outspeeds him and can one shot with Honda Style. Stamina Drain and CDs Activated go through his trait and immobilize him, but CDs Activated still allows for the usage of Destabilizer.