Hello everyone and welcome to my 52nd analysis, this time featuring General Nishant.
Nishant has amazing Speed for an attacker, great Base Strength and a powerful Self buff move, which helps against Possession. He also has the Tough trait which is always helpful, and being a Team Shop monster means ranking up easier than most monsters. However, Nishant doesn't really have a powerful AOE and instead relies on his Strength stat, plus he doesn't have a deny move which is sad for such high Speed.

-Torment Cuts
-Satanic Flames
-Shadow Form
-Affliction Souls
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 2 Speed 1 Strength

Torment Cuts deals very high damage to one enemy and makes it Bleed. Satanic Flames is his best AOE move, which also Burns. Shadow Form reduces the negative impact his low Life has on him, and combined with his trait makes for a safe setup move. Lastly, Affliction Souls is used because Satanic Flames doesn't have high Base Power. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output, but with 2 Speed 1 Strength he can outspeed most attackers and other monsters who aren't deniers, and either use Shadow Form or deal great damage/kill with Torment Cuts.

Teammates: Demise can allow Nishant to instantly kill all his enemies thanks to his great Strength stat.

Countering General Nishant: If Tough blocks your deny effect, you're in trouble as there are few attackers who are faster than Nishant. However, any one of those attackers, such as Mercurius or Zyla the Faithful, can easily finish him off with their damage since Nishant is thin as paper. Stamina Drain and CDs Activated go through his trait and deny him.