Hello everyone and welcome to my 53rd analysis, this time featuring Nishant's Pet.
Unlike his master, this Pet is dedicated to denying and in fact is one of the best Dark deniers. Immunity to Possession is good since Dark monsters tend to have Possession moves. He can also apply Debilitating Shadows to all enemies, though he himself doesn't have a Dark AOE move nor would he be able to put it to good use anyways since he doesn't have too good of a power.

-Shadow Yell
-Soul Piercer
-Nocturnal Tackle
-Flesh Piercer/Gloomy Doom
Runes: 3 Speed

Shadow Yell gives Double Damage, Nightmares and Possession to the target, which allows it to hit its teammates hard. Soul Piercer is an AOE Possession and is the main method of denying for this Pet. Nocturnal Tackle can also be considered a deny for 2 turns since Blind+Daze almost guarantees that the target will miss. Lastly, Flesh Piercer possesses the target, but Gloomy Doom can help your other Dark monsters.

Teammates: If Gloomy Doom is used, a Dark attacker like General Nishant will benefit greatly from the move. Other than that, a denier is necessary for any team.

Countering Nishant's Pet: Being immune to Possession renders Nishant's Pet's skills mostly useless on that monster, except for Nocturnal Tackle. Self buff skills, like General Nishant's Shadow Form apply the effect on the user anyway, so that makes Possession relatively useless on that monster unless the AI is controlling it.