Hello everyone and welcome to my 54th analysis, this time featuring General Atum.
Atum is one of the best Earth monsters due to his ability to become a tank and an attacker or denier at the same time. His trait also helps greatly vs. Hiroim the Tenacious and Brontes, who have Mega Stun moves. Plus, being one of the earlier Generals, Atum was easily ranked up thanks to lower prices on the Team Shop. However, without extra levels Atum's Speed is nothing to write home about, plus if Tough doesn't work he'll be out of commission for a few turns.

-Earth Offensive
-Armored Troops
-Atum's Mace
-Hard As A Rock/Earth Army Assault
Runes: 3 Speed//1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life/2 Speed 1 Life//2 Strength 1 Speed

Earth Offensive is an AOE Stun which is always useful to have and can make him a denier. Armored Troops gives all allies a 100% Life Shield, which greatly increases tankiness for 2 turns. Atum's Mace is a very spammable move that has 0 CD, is unresisted and has 60 Base Power. Lastly, Hard As A Rock is immensely useful vs. attackers and combines well with Armored Troops, plus is useful against Baba Yaga and other Possessing monsters, or Earth Army Assault can be used for another powerful AOE move. Because he can do so many things at once, there are 3 different paths for him: denier, tank, and attacker. As a denier, 3 Speed should be used. As a tank, 1 Speed, Strength and Life gives him all around good stats, but 2 Speed 1 Life favors Speed over Strength, plus is better vs. Zyla and VoltaiK if Hard As A Rock is used. As an attacker, 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage. Another approach is 3 Team Speed, but that choice depends on the War rulings.

Teammates: Since Atum doesn't have healing options, healers can be useful to remedy this. Other than that, Atum fits nicely on most teams thanks to his massive utility.

Countering General Atum: Monsters who can remove shields, like Virtue and The Warrior, greatly hamper General Atum. Monsters who can remove positive effects get rid of Hard As A Rock. Ouros can take anything General Atum can throw at him, and wins in the long run thanks to his healing and special move.