Cold January has come to an end, and with the start of a new month, our Dragons are smelling a yet distant, but surely coming, spring! 🍃

Let's check together the list of events for February (it will be updated during the next days).

30 Jan - 10 Feb: Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Ethereal Dragon

3 Feb - 7 Feb: Utopia Island (Maze)
New Dragon: Gust Cherub Dragon

10 Feb - 13 Feb: Soul Stealer's Crypt (Grid)
New Dragon: Soul Stealer Dragon

11 Feb - 18 Feb: Dragon Rescue

13 Feb - 20 Feb: Chocolate Tower Island

13 Feb - 20 Feb: Candy Puzzle Island

20 Feb - 2 Mar: Carnival Island (Maze)
New Dragons: Masquerade Dragon, Tri-Feather Dragon, Maraca Dragon

21 Feb - 25 Feb: Runner Island
New Dragon: Carnival Queen Dragon

25 Feb - 2 Mar: Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Celebration Dragon

And since February is also the month of Love, we will propose you a social media contest to celebrate together the St. Valentine's day, and reward the winners with a special prize! 💌

Are you curious to know more about it? Stay tuned to discover all the details! 😉