Hello everyone and welcome to my 55th analysis, this time featuring Atum's Pet.
Atum's Pet has access to better Speed and Strength than his master. However, in every relevant aspect, General Atum is better, as he also has a 45 AOE, his 30 AOE Stuns, and has a better single target attack move. As an individual monster, however, Atum's Pet is great as an attacker since he has good Speed and fantastic Strength, plus the Tough trait.

-Petrous Jaw
-Digging Wound
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Macroseism has the golden 45 Base Power. Petrous Jaw is nice unresisted damage and it gives Atum's Pet a 30% Shield, which is not bad. Digging Wound is another high damage single target attack, and it gives Damage Boost. Lastly, Quaker is a second AOE move. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the standard attacker spread.

Teammates: Monsters who can give Precision allow Atum's Pet to land Macroseism on all enemies.

Countering Atum's Pet: General Atum with at least 2 Speed can use Armored Troops before he moves and render Macroseism almost useless. Hiroim the Tenacious is also faster and can Mega Stun, though it can miss with Tough.