Hello everyone and welcome to my 56th analysis, this time featuring General Alces.
Alces has good Speed and survivability, in addition to the Tough trait which helps him against annoying status, plus was easily ranked up thanks to lower General prices.. Unfortunately, Alces has low damage and faces competition from Laomu who is ranked up even easier and has Possession.

-Bow Impact
-Relief Arrows
-Soothing Arrows
-Dazing Arrow/Poisoned Arrow
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life

Bow Impact not only Stuns the target, but it also gives Alces Regeneration to keep him alive. Relief Arrows heals all allies by 35% which is very nice. Soothing Arrows is AOE Damage Reduction, which helps in taking attacks. Lastly, either Dazing Arrows or Poisoned Arrow is good to have one high damage move, though I'd say Dazing Arrow is better since it's unresisted, and Daze is a better effect than Poison. 1 Strength, Speed and Strength helps him as a tank.

Teammates: An AOE Daze, when combined with AOE Damage Reduction, will make the enemy hit as hard as a feather. Monsters with low Life such as General Nishant or Darkzgul enjoy Alces' ability to reduce damage and heal.

Countering General Alces: Stamina Drain and CDs Activated both go through the Tough trait and deny him. Alces doesn't have much damage, so focus on taking his teammates down first as without them, he's weak. Alces' Pet is a hard counter as it turns all healing into damage.