Hello everyone and welcome to my 57th analysis, this time featuring Alces' Pet.
Alces' Pet has the most unique moveset of all Nature monsters: he turns all healing into damage, but also has moves that heal the enemy. Alces' Pet also has good Speed and immunity to Possession, which helps him counter Laomu. However, he has bad Base Strength which makes all his powerful moves go to waste.

-Autumn Effect
-Poisoned Remedy
-Bighorn Assault
-Nocuous Leaves/Curative Whirlwind
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed/2 Speed 1 Life

Autumn Effect not only blocks Shields, but also turns all healing to damage, which is the perfect weapon vs. Nature monsters. Poisoned Remedy "heals" all enemies by 10% and Poisons them, while dealing damage on its own. Bighorn Assault has a good 60 Base Power that is unresisted, but more importantly it heals by 25% of his Life. Lastly, Nocuous Leaves is a powerful nuke, with 60 Base Power and 25% "heal", and it also removes all positive effects from target, but Curative Whirlwind can also be used to keep you allies healthy. 3 Speed allows him to quickly use Autumn Effect to ruin healing monsters, but 3 Team Speed is also useful since he doesn't need high Speed to operate. Alternatively, 2 Speed 1 Life makes him tankier.

Teammates: Unfortunately, no other monster heals the enemy normally, but you can use healing moves when your ally is Possessed to deal damage instead: General Alces is particularly deadly if he runs Naturalia Salve, instantly killing a monster. Another Alces' Pet can be used to further "heal" the enemy. Keep in mind that Alces' Pet is excellent against tank monsters such as Ouros and Holter's Pet, and almost all Nature monsters.

Countering Alces' Pet: Remove negative effects from your team, and Autumn Effect goes away, leaving Alces' Pet almost harmless. If you don't let him move after he uses Autumn Effect, the debuff will be useless unless you yourself use healing moves or Shields.