Esthirel is currently unbreedable, but one easy way to get her is to use smurf email accounts, open up 3 Facebook accounts and then recruit those 3 through Recruitment Tavern, where Esthirel is available as one of the reward monsters.

Hello everyone and welcome to my 58th analysis, this time featuring Arch Knight.
Arch Knight is, in my opinion, the best freely accessible breedable monster, thanks to one move: God's Will. This move has a huge 70 Base Power, 1 CD, has a measly 20 Stamina cost, heals him by 20% and most importantly, it has 100 Accuracy. He also possesses other moves that deal good damage. However, unless he's ranked up, Arch Knight has terrible stats, so it must be used after ranking him up a bit.

-God's Will
-Spectrum Rays
-Shining Sword
-Holy Nova
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength
God's Will is one of the most powerful sincgle target attacks in the entire game due to the reasons I have above. Spectrum Rays is an immensely powerful nuke that's unresisted, but it has the accuracy of an AOE move. Shining Sword not only does AOE damage, but it also Blinds all enemies which is useful against deniers. Lastly, Holy Nova is used to have another AOE move since both his AOEs are weak. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage, but 2 Speed 1 Strength can be used to snipe attackers who run 2 Strength 1 Speed since his damage output is already ridiculously high.

Teammates: Globrush makes his AOEs unresisted and do more damage, and it turns God's Will into a move that almost no monster can survive. Precision can be good to have to patch up the bad accuracy of Spectrum Rays and to make his AOEs hit with a better chance.

Countering Arch Knight: The best way to deal with this monster is to use faster ones to stop him before he does much since taking his attacks is almost impossible. Or, use extremely tanky monsters like General Atum or Hiroim the Tenacious, who can take his attacks and dish out enough damage to kill him.