So, I came back from hiatus a little over a week ago to a massive streak of luck.
On the first day back, I bred the Wind dragon on only my second attempt. (I know it’s air now but I’ve been calling it wind for at least 5 years so nyeh)
I’ve gotten duplicates of every breedable legend before and have been breeding for years but got not one wind before this, despite her being the only legend I actually wanted. Cool, what a nice homecoming gift!
But that was not it. The next day, I bred Burglar on my FIRST try.
Sorry for terrible cropping. Small forum file size upload limits.
After posting my lucky breed in the temp breeding thread (I named my Burglar Hamburger and he is making legend arenas that much easier for me) I decided to joke around and said “take my luck, I don’t need it.” DragonLove had caught my luck, successfully breeding a Vicky. For a week, I seemed to have lost that luck.
But yesterday, I bred a Neumon on my first try as well.
And today, I watched a few videos to try my luck with the Toy dragon. Got it first attempt as well, and a confirmed 3% chance (roughly 1 in 33)
Not as lucky, but I also managed to breed 4 dreamcatchers in 3 days for a little competitive experiment.
So, if yall can’t get lucky with breeding, videos or just anything, feel free to make a post here (and tell me if my fortune has infected you.) May the RNG be ever in your favor.