Hello everyone and welcome to my 59th analysis, this time featuring Vadamagma.
Vadamagma is a common pick in Fire Wars thanks to being easily ranked up, and as such is able to outspeed most Fire monsters and one-shot them thanks to the difference in levels. However, his moves have high Stamina costs, and unless his level is higher than the enemy monster's, Vadamagma is worse than other Fire monsters.

-A lot of Celsius
-A lot of Magma
-Fire Trap
-Ignite Ground/Mars Punch
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength
A lot of Celsius deals very high damage and is unresisted, but has the accuracy of an AOE. A lot of Magma has less damage, has no CD but it Burns. Fire Trap is his AOE attack and lastly, Ignite Ground is another AOE that's weaker but is unresisted, or Mars Punch can be used while A lot of Celsius is on CD. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes Strength and 2 Speed 1 Strength outspeeds attackers.

Teammates: Users of Sticky Lava greatly increase the effectiveness of his weak AOE move.

Countering Vadamagma: Be at the same rank as he is. General Darmith is capable of this, and he's better than Vadamagma in almost every way. If you can't be at the same rank, try to deny him as he will destroy you otherwise.