When: February 14th - February 17th
Choose between War Coins or Tokens
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You will get rewards based on the number of Tokens you collect. These rewards will be given progressively as soon as you reach the Tokens milestones.


You will get a very special Magic Statue at the end of the Fraternity Event as the highest prize for 6 000 Tokens.

This 1x1 decoration will grant you extra rewards every day from February 17th - February 26th.
Wherever you have it, storage or on an island, it will give you 25 gems + 20 elemental cells (random) every day, on the last day you will receive 25 gems + 20 Elementium instead of Elemental Cells.

You won’t be able to sell the Magic Statue, however, you will be able to store it and it will still grant you the rewards.