Curious at what levels do you feed your dragons to recall for the breedable legend:

  1. Kratus (level 15)
  2. Supersonic (level 25)
  3. Millennium (level 25)
  4. Other breedable Legend (level 15)

I use the above level to recall for me as Supersonic/Millennium takes forever to breed/hatch now without my wizards. Hatching and Recalling Supersonic/Millennium is clogging my queue and I'm considering leveling them up further to maybe level 30 to speed it up. I have too many dragons to recall from my wizards days and it seems my recall army of dragons is growing faster than I can recall.

Food isn't much of an issue as my gold income is enough to constantly grow all 20M gold in all 15 farms and get over 2M food each day.

What is your strategy to quickly get 5-star breedable?