The Shortbus Gangstas

Alliance Chest Participation Required. No other requirements, all levels, ranks, collection counts and experience levels welcome.

English is the primary language of the alliance although not a requirement to be able to speak it, we aren't going to change this to accommodate those who don't.

*We have Max Activity level and plan to keep it that way; the way this is maintained is after every Alliance chest cycle anyone who hasn't participated in the alliance chest is removed. Since Alliance Chest tasks are always general things players do every log in its safe to assume if someone hasn't done them the entire cycle they aren't playing so they're removed to make room for players that do still play the game. The only exception to this is if an individual comes to me personally with an acceptable reason for not being able to(emergency of some kind for example).

If you're interested just look us up; if there isn't room there probably will be after the next Alliance Chest Cycle ends.