I want to nitpick. Why? Complaining is fun.
First, the item Chinese arch is actually a Japanese Torii, used at the pathways to shrines.
The magnet dragon’s description states magnetism is the most powerful force. Actually, it’s compound interest.
A lot of dragons have golden armor or armor made of crystal. Gold is such a soft metal that a steel blade could pierce it easily and it could potentially be broken with a claw or tooth. The latter is typically much harder, but also will shatter under immense force quite easily. Diamond is prone to breaking this way as well. Games about magical dragons do not need to care about physics as long as the armor looks cool, I guess.
When the islands got revamped, the chains that attached the guardian towers to them as well as the rocks on the ancient portal and tree of life weren’t, making them clip or look out of place.
We still don’t have war, light, primal, pure, ancient or wind crystals.
The sea dragon’s description has been missing a period for almost 8 years. Also, enigmatic’s description refers to it as enigmatical and turbo uses it’s when it should use its.
Striking has been reskinned at least 4 times, and valiant at least 3. This wouldn’t be an issue if their prominent features weren’t so recognizable even after a reskin.
A bunch of first-world problems, I know (except maybe the crystals). Any other very tiny mistakes you guys noticed?