This month we have a new Mythics in the Pass!
What can you look forward to in the new Mythical Pass?

Golden Legends Pass Perks

Gold and Food Boosts up to 100%
Hatching time reduction up to 30%
Extraction time reduction up to 30%
Donation up to +3 Legendary Cells
Building time reduction up to 30%
Boost for gaining challenge points up to 30%

Golden Legends Pass Rewards

Are you more of a cat or dog person? Either way, we got you covered!
NEW Mythic Monsters - Katufo and Armor Claw

More about Katufo HERE and Armor Claw HERE.
Dogufo skin
0_1582891682548_dogufo mini.png

And many more!

  • Relics
  • Runes
  • Maze Collector Tickets
  • War Medals / War Coins
  • Heroic Orbs
  • Nemesis/Elite Souls
  • Elemental cells
  • Food
  • Gems
  • Katufo Cells
  • Hatchery slot

Legends Pass Rewards

  • Elemental Cells
  • Nemesis Souls
  • Multiplayer Stamina
  • Elite Souls
  • War coins
  • Rune Speed
  • Golden/Bronze Relic
  • Legendary Habitat
  • Armor Claw

The Golden Legends Pass also includes

A discount on Heroic Orbs for the Spotlighted Babari Warmaster Heroic Dungeon.
The Spotlighted Babari Warmaster Heroic Dungeon (1-3) will have NO Ranked restrictions.