Dear Dragon Masters,

How do you feel about celebrating Women's Day and Women’s History Month with us? 🌹

For this special occasion, we would like to pay homage to all the women of our Community with a list of Events themed around powerful female Dragons:

2 Mar - 9 Mar: Paradise Island (Grid)

5 Mar - 16 Mar: Virago Sanctuary Heroic Race

10 Mar - 14 Mar: Amazon Island (Maze) - Hidden Treasure also awaits!

A Virago is a woman of great strength and courage, and that’s why we chose this name for these Dragons that you’ll be able to collect during these 3 events.

During these 3 events, you’ll have to find the Virago Emblems. These Emblems will allow you to Empower the High Virago Dragon from 1 to 3 Stars, depending on the number of Virago Emblems you collect:

3 Emblems: 1 Star

6 Emblems: 2 Stars

10 Emblems: 3 Stars

Please remember, that in order to Empower her, you first need to obtain the High Virago Dragon in the Heroic Race!

🌸 Happy Women’s Day to you all! 🌷