Hello everyone and welcome to my 61st analysis, this time featuring Rockantium.
Rockantium has great single targt damage and very high health, in addition to Shields. However, this is only applicable if his level is higher than his opponets', as otherwise any other Earth monster would outclass Rockantium due to his terrible Speed, below average Strength and lack of any AOE moves.

-Rock Avalanche
-Protect all Team
-Stone Rod
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life

Rockorites deals high damage and has 1 CD. Rock Avalanche deals even higher damage and Stuns, but has 2 CD. Protect all Team gives his team a 40% Life Shield, which makes them tankier. Lastly, Stone Rod might not hit hard, but it's another Stun move. 1 Speed, Strength and Life makes him a tank.

Teammates: Healers can heal Rockantium of damage he receives when his shield is down. Hiroim the Tenacious or Caillech can give him immunity to Stun, which helps immensely against other Earrh monsters.

Countering Rockantium: Being the slowest Earth monster and not being immune to Stun makes denying Rockantium a piece of cake. If you Mega Stun him, he'll likely not be able to move until the battle's over or he's dead. Ouros can use Everest to draw all of Rockantium's attacks towards him without any problem since he doesn't have an AOE.