Hello everyone and welcome to my 63rd analysis, this time featuring Lord of Atlantis.
Lord of Atlantis is unique among most breedables in that he doesn't really need to be ranked up in order to function properly. He has simple yet great support options that any team enjoys having. Unfortunately, LOA(as I'll be calling him from now on) is simply outclassed by monsters such as Lux Aura and Frostbite, who can do what LOA does but also do more. Fortunately, easy rank-up allows LOA to also deal good damage.

-Painful Stream
-Blessed Water
-Mass Refresh
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength/3 Speed/3 Team Speed

Painful Stream is a 0 CD, 60 Base Power Water move which is always great to have, plus it goes greatly with his high rank. Blessed Water is something like LOA's signature attack, costing a mere 14 Stamina, having 0 CD and giving the target Precision+Double Damage. Cleaning has 100 Accuracy and it removes all positive effects the target has. Lastly, Mass Refresh gives LOA free 7 Stamina, 20% Stamina to the 2 other teammates and clears them of negative effects. 2 Speed 1 Strength outspeeds most attackers so that you can use Blessed Water on your own. 3 Speed allows you to use Blessed Water on attackers with 2 Speed 1 Strength. Alternatively, 3 Team Speed can be used to make your allies faster, though Blessed Water's power drops this way.

Teammates: Attackers should be used with LOA as they are the ones who should get Blessed Water cast on them.

Countering LOA: Denying the target of Blessed Water wil hamper the effectiveness of LOA. Applying Damage Reduction to the target is even worse as it also rids the target of Double Damage.Denying LOA himself is also easy as he isn't immune to Freeze and isn't fast.