Hello everyone and welcome to my 65th analysis, this time featuring Goldfield.
Goldfield is a good support choice for beginners and even for expert players. He can't deal damage properly(so much so that you could say he can't), but his other moves greatly make up for it and they have 0 CD, plus he doesn't necessarily need to be ranked up in order to do his work, and unlike most breedables he actually has a useful trait. However, Goldfield can mostly apply buffs and doesn't have deny moves, so he is incredibly passive and can be ignored.

-Forget Wounds
-Life Channeling
-Forget Problems
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed

Righteousness gives the target Double damage and gives 20% Stamina. Forget Wounds deals minuscule damage but more importantly it applies Stamina Leak. Life Channeling generally keeps the team healthy by restoring Life and Stamina with 0 CD. Forget Problems recharges 20% Stamina to all allies and removes all debuffs. 3 Speed allows him to move more frequently and use Righteousness on the attacker before he moves. 3 Team Speed is also useful to speed up your other 2 monsters.

Teammates: An attacker is recommended to use Righteousness on. He fits in any team with an attacker and can even be used without an attacker.

Countering Goldfield: Deny or kill the monster he uses Righteousness on. Focus on taking his teammates down since Goldfield is extremely passive, so it's best to leave him to be the last.