Hello everyone and welcome to my 66th analysis, this time featuring Worker Hulk.
The slowest legendary in the entire game, but he used to have the highest Base Strength for a VERY long time. With the release of Monster Lab and Demise, Worker Hulk's usability increased greatly. However, Worker Hulk is prone to being denied and has no AOE moves.

-Worker Hate
-Rock Avalanche
-Funny Mushrooms
-Heavy Hammer
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength

Worker Hate is immensely powerful: it costs a mere 16 Stamina, is unresisted, has 70 Base Power and has 0 CD, not to mention it also drains some Stamina. Rock Avalanche is used for the Stun, as is Funny Mushrooms. Heavy Hammer is his only other move that accomplishes something different, by Dazing the target. 2 Speed 1 Strength because 2 Speed patches up his disgusting Speed and 1 Strength is enough thanks to his monstrous Base Strength.

Teammates: Demise is by far the best teammate: She gives him Double Damage and allows him to move after she uses Strength From Beyond, which will surely kill something when combined with Worker Hate.

Countering Worker Hulk: Worker Hulk is easily denied, and a Possession is very useful since if the AI uses Worker Hate, someone on his team dies.