Hello everyone and welcome to my 67th analysis, this time featuring Darkzgul.
Darkzgul is widely regarded as the best free breedable monster thanks to his massive damage at level 130. With the recent Life buff raising his poor 19k Base Life at level 100 to a much higher 25k, Darkzgul is even more useful since he isn't as easily killed as before. He may not have any deny moves, but who needs them when you one-shot everyone?

-Drain Life
-War Memories
-Uncontrollable Pain
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Drain Life does very high damage and keeps Darkzgul healthy. Extirpate blows through any non-tank monster. War Memories is his AOE move that also applies Dmage Reduction. Uncontrollable Pain Blinds the enemy, just in case that's needed. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage, but 2 Speed 1 Strength is also useful to quickly snipe things with Extirpate.

Teammates: Nishant's Pet increases the damage of his Dark moves and makes them unresisted.

Countering Darkzgul: Being at a lower rank puts you at a disadvantage, so using another high-rank monster is one of the best ways to deal with him. Denying him is another way of dealing with him, but that may be difficult if your monster isn't ranked or doesn't have high level runes and he runs 2 Speed 1 Strength.