Hello everyone and welcome to my 68th analysis, this time featuring Laomu.
Laomu is an extremely powerful choice for any player since after you get Galante you basically have Laomu at 130. Since she's breedable, you'd expect her to be an unimpressive monster without ranking her up. Thing is, to this day, Laomu is still the only Nature monster who has Possession, and even if you didn't rank her up she is quite possibly the best Nature monster outside of attackers. I repeat: VERY powerful.

-Global Gloom
-Harmonizable Nature
-Noxious Blow/Noxious Hit
Runes: 3 Speed

Puzzlement is a single target Possession that also Dazes the target. Global Gloom deals unresisted AOE damage and applies a random effect to all enemies. Harmonizable Nature heals the target and Laomu by 25% each: if you were to use it on yourself you'd be healing by 50%. The last slot is a toss-up between more damage vs. 0 CD. 3 Speed allows her to quickly use Global Gloom or Puzzlement.

Teammates: Having a more solid denier could help, since Laomu can only deny one monster with guarantee. Laomu otherwise fits in any team thanks to her vast array of support options and solid damage thanks to her high rank.

Countering Laomu: Being immune to Possession helps against her Puzzlement. There isn't much you can do against Global Gloom. Being faster than Laomu is very unlikely, so denying her before she does anything is mostly out of question unless you also have a denier at level 130.