Hey there I am gun fire group from Monster Legends and today I am announcing we are hiring people to my new clan after a long break of monster legends, my team is called
|| MythicX ||


I have 12 895 Monster Power, please make sure your monster power is 3000 in order to pass the group., I am level 81 in Monster Legends.

Wars hosted often mostly every time we think its ok to cast a war, boundaries are strict when joining this group, if you are inactive without any notice you will be kicked out of the clan, so please show yourselves you are active and you want to be in this group. We will try our bests to donate a cell, please make sure you ask for cell donations and you donate people cells, this will encourage you to be even better in game and be stronger/

Be active, contribute on wars and contribute on races and other group events.

This is the group for you to discuss about support and what to do if your stuck, we can help you and sort it, this is the correct group if you do not know what to do, we will reply as soon as possible.

No requests, its open but once again you need to have 3000 monster power or over to enter this clan.