When Baltasar was abandoned, his parents had another child. this child grew up to be another infamous killer; however not one without his morals. His street name was Red Lightning or The Lightning Assassin, a hitman who left no trace of his victims. His victims were often powers of the criminal underworld, and people who commit vicious crimes, as he still does have some morals. Baltasar caught wind of his new brother and was curious of him, and wanted to meet him, and maybe kill him. but when news came out that he died due to a reckless driver, he looked in his stash of stolen items and found some mythic amber, he wish his brother was still alive and could meet him, the amber floated away. Weeks passed. he heard a knock on his door, he opened the door. There he was, Red lightning at his doorstep.
"So you wanted business together, or did you want kill me again?" Red Lightning asked. Nothing came from Baltasar's mouth

Red Lightning

Hp: 57, 375
Speed: 4,806
Power: 5,768
Stamina: 180
Thunder Mythical
R:0: Hardened
R:1: Resurrection Block
R:3: Sc: Tax Evasion (stamina can't be lowered for 2 turns)
Relic slots: Mask/ Sword
Books: Underworld, Villains, Superheroes, Adventurers

Special skill:
Gone Without a Trace
Dark aoe
Acc 120
15 pwr
0 stamina
0 warm up
Self pierce
Aoe dark dmg+50% chance possession, removes 200% of life from one enemy.
Removes pierce and 25% of stamina from itself

Default skills

Shank Frenzy
95 acc
35 pwr

Charged Shurikens
Thunder Aoe
90 acc
35 pwr
31 stamina
Aoe shock

Skills group 1

Marked Target
Acc 95
0 pwr
40 stamina
Guard down, Shock, Trait disable

Leave No Trace
Acc 95
30 pwr
40 stamina
PER twice, total blind

Skills Group 2

Lightning Assassin
Self skill
0 stamina
Self evasion, pierce, anticipation

Bloody Arc
Acc 95
40 pwr
65 stamina
Stun, bleed, shock
Self extra turn

Skills group 3

Oblivion Blade
Acc 95
65 pwr
30 stamina

Red Thunderstorm
Thunder Aoe
Acc 90
40 pwr
50 stamina
Aoe Shock, Minor blind