"Sweet April showers Do bring May flowers" 🌻

Dear Dragon Masters,

April is a special month for Dragon City, since it's our game 8th Anniversary! Not bad, eh? πŸŽ‚

That's not all, Spring has just started and, while we are all waiting for warmer, sunnier days, Easter is just few weeks away! 🐰 πŸ₯š
So, let's celebrate this month full of events all together!

And now, let’s jump in and have a look at the calendar of events for this special month of April 2020, shall we?

30 Mar - 2 Apr: April Fools Tower
New Dragon: King Potato Dragon

2 Apr - 9 Apr: Fire & Ice Grid Island
New Dragons: Chillheart Dragon, Frostscale Dragon, Emberscale Dragon

4 Apr - 9 Apr: Fire & Ice Puzzle Island
New Dragons: Infernal Dragon, Blazefrost Dragon

9 Apr - 20 Apr: Easter Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Reborn Dragon

11 Apr - 15 Apr: Easter Island (Maze)
New Dragons: Harvest Dragon

15 Apr - 18 Apr: Eggtropolis (Fog)
New Dragons: Vitality Dragon, Hatchling Dragon

20 Apr - 23 Apr: 8th Anniversary Island (Grid)
New Dragon: Awakened Dragon

23 Apr - 4 May: Island of Gods (Maze)
New Dragons: Mercury God Dragon, Pluto God Dragon, Venus Goddess Dragon

24 Apr - 30 Apr: Puzzle of Gods Island
New Dragons: Mars God Dragon, Jupiter God Dragon

30 Apr - 4 May: Neptune's Runner Island
New Dragon: Neptune Runner Dragon

This month will also bring the new Sea Titan Dragon, Breeding events and offers, so make sure you check your game frequently to get the dragons you want/need!

But most importantly, have fun! πŸ‰