I feel like 1-2★ aura looks better than 3-5★ aura, because the effects on 3-5★ aura is kind of “too much” that it covers a dragon's actual design. Because of this that I want to suggest a purchasable aura skins for non-Heroic dragons when they reach a certain power.

For example, if my Boulder Dragon reaches Level 35 and has 3★ or more (or if it exceeds a certain HP & Atk Requirements), I can choose between 3 auras (based on its elements) and purchase it;
Brown Aura w/ some small floating rocks (Terra) for 40 gems.
Orange Aura (War) for 60 gems.
Shiny ray of light aura (Light) for 80 gems.

After buying an Aura, it will replace the default 3★ aura it has but I cannot unlock the other auras for it anymore.

This is to make these dragons actually feel strong, and give us the feeling of accomplishment because our dragon/s reached a certain level where it can be considered strong. It also adds varieties for the dragons which will make them feel somewhat unique to the other players. It also kinda makes the Skin Tab more useful (I guess).

or just let us choose between the 1-5★ auras.
I'd like my 4-5★ dragons to just use a 2★ aura. I wanna see my dragon's actual design without being covered by too mucj effects.

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