Dear Dragon Masters,

Let’s celebrate this Easter with a fun and colorful Dragon Egg Hunt! 🥚 🐲

During the following two Easter events, we challenge you to collect colored Eggs to obtain an awesome Dragon!

11 Apr - 15 Apr: Easter Island (Maze)
15 Apr - 18 Apr: Eggtropolis (Fog)

You will be able to find 3 different colored eggs: Emerald, Topaz, and Violet!

Every 15 Emerald Eggs you collect, you will obtain a Very Rare Dragon;
Every 10 Topaz Eggs you collect, you will obtain an Epic Dragon;
Every 5 Violet Eggs you collect, you will obtain a Legendary Dragon.

0_1586342359274_green-egg.png 0_1586342776380_yellow-egg.png 0_1586342515137_pink-egg.png

Please remember, once you have the right amount of Eggs, you need to restart your game app to receive your Dragon!

Upon completing each collection, the Eggs are NOT removed from your Storage, they are left as decorations. New Eggs will be added on to your total collection for your next Dragon reward. So please, remember how many Eggs you have already used to receive a Dragon reward so you don't get confused.

🍫 Happy Easter Egg Hunt to you all! 🐇