Hello everyone and welcome to my 70th analysis, this time featuring Captain Copperbeard.
Captain Copperbeard is such a good Metal monster that he can even challenge Timerion's title as the best Metal monster, in my opinion. His stats are excellently placed, having great Strength, Life and 3465 Speed at level 100, which is the optimum Speed for deniers. He also has the awesome Mountain trait, giving him an edge over faster deniers such as Frostwrath and Alex Bone. Not only that, but he has a move with 0 CD that refreshes the CD of all allies, and having this as a Metal monster is just too good. Captain Copperbeard is quite possibly the most excellently designed monster ever, in that he is definitely very good but not overpowered, as he still falls prey to Hackster and The Sentinel, who are faster and use Possession moves, plus Stun isn't the best deny method out there.

-Blakely 12 Pounds
-Parrotaze Squad
-All Aboard!
-Howitzer 24 Pounds/Dead Men Tell No Tales/Parrotaze
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength/2 Strength 1 Speed

Blakely 12 Pounds is his AOE attack with an OK 35 Base Power, but it's Metal. Parrotaze Squad not only has the golden 45 Base Power, but it also is unresisted and Burns all enemies, further increasing its damage. All Aboard! is the Captain's most lethal weapon against Timerion, since CDs Activated will be rendered useless if Stop Time isn't used on the Captain, and even then it'll deny your team for 1 turn since you can use it on your next turn. The last slot goes to Howitzer 24 Pounds for a single target Stun, Dead Men Tell No Tales for massive Metal damage, or Parrotaze for less damage than DMTNT(usually) but being unresisted and Burning the enemy. 3 Speed makes him a deny monster, but depending on the War(use Howitzer 24 Pounds on this spread in the last slot), 2 Speed 1 Strength can also be used to have more damage especially with higher rune levels-this spread is very effective thanks to his trait preventing most deniers from denying him. Another alternative is to make him an atacker with 2 Strength 1 Speed, which also enables him to deny the enemy once more after your denier denies them(except with Stun).

Teammates: Generally, Captain Copperbeard fits into any team thanks to his flexibility. Use VoltaiK or Zyla with Captain Copperbeard to force the opposing Timerion into a dilemma since not Stop Timing the Captain will result in him refreshing his allies' CDs, but not Stop Timing Zyla/Timerion will result in them wiping out his team.

Countering Captain Copperbeard: Being immune to Stun will prevent him from denying you, but your entire team may not be immune to Stun. Hackster and The Sentinel are both faster and can use their Possession moves to stop the Captain. Uther the Valiant can tank his attacks and has a high chance of not getting denied thanks to Bulwark, though he needs a Life rune against 2 Strength 1 Speed.