"weird purple glowing bucktoothed hobo"

Hello everyone and welcome to my 72nd analysis, this time featuring Bo Tai.
Bo Tai is a very good Magic monster and an extremely great monster in general. He can deal with most deniers in the game thanks to the immunities he gives to his team-these immunities also give immunity to efects like Glitched, Hacked and most importantly, Mega Stun, not to mention he has awesome Speed and Life. Unfortunately, Bo Tai is weak when he's alone, and he can't protect his allies from Stamina Devourers.

-The Sun's Protection
-The Moon's Protection
-No Fear
-Analysis of the Truth
Runes: 3 Speed

The first 2 moveslots give Bo Tai's team the most fundamental protections: The Sun makes his team immune to Freeze, Stun and Possession effects while The Moon prevents Burns, Poisons and Quicksand effects. No Fear is very effective vs. Eggeater since it renders Multi Effect Eggs mostly harmless. Analysis of the Truth is an extremely valuable move that not only allows your denier to deny many times, but it also protects your team from Timerion's CDs Activated. 3 Speed is necessary to quickly apply his immunities before he himself gets denied.

Teammates: Bo Tai is easy to fit into a team especially in PvP where Timerion is common. Your denier will especially enjoy Bo Tai's company since he refreshes CDs- Krampus and Hydratila the Boltcaster are both faster than Bo Tai, so he can use Analysis of the Truth after they use their deny moves to allow them to use them once again. Bo Tai can get Stop Time'd, but your opponent will have to think twice if Zyla/VoltaiK or Captain Copperbeard is on your team since no matter who he Stop Times, the other will still operate.

Countering Bo Tai: Removing positive effects will devastate Bo Tai since those immunities are nearly the only thing he's good for. Killing off his allies will render Bo Tai almost useless.