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During one of his treasure hunts, Captain Edwin “Fearless” Bane misread his bloodstained map and fell straight into a booby trap. The fall destroyed his entire body but, as luck would have it, a figure appeared before him in a puff of smoke. It was Lumoona, a mystical sorceress who had felt she was needed at that exact place in that very moment. She cast a spell that transposed the Captain’s soul from his lifeless body into a patchwork metal shell. This way, the Captain not only saved his charisma but was also given the gift of invincibility, not to mention some stylish new facial hair! Lumoona gave him a fitting new name: Captain Copperbeard.

With a renewed sense of confidence and his new magical advisor by his side, Captain Copperbeard felt it was time to go on a grand adventure — and take revenge on Octex, the poor fool who had set up that booby trap in the first place. So Captain Copperbeard stole Octex’s prize spaceship, and helped himself to some treasure while he was at it. He gave the spaceship the buccaneer touch it was lacking and named it: “The Curse of the Cosmos”.
It wasn’t long before The Curse of the Cosmos had become famous, and feared, throughout the universe. Space creatures from near and far lined up by the dozen to join Captain Copperbeard’s crew. The first one to offer his services was Van K. Mark, a Zandvoortian who had always dreamed of escaping his desert home planet to become a pirate and sail the galaxies. The Captain liked his spirit of adventure and made him the helmsman of The Curse of the Cosmos.

Short after that, the fledgling crew ran into Globrush, an ingenious inventor who had made millions designing high-tech weapons some years ago. Unfortunately, Globrush had gambled away all his riches and was now destitute and depressed. When Captain Copperbeard heard his story, he knew he couldn’t let so much talent go to waste, so he immediately brought him on board as a gunsmith.

By this point, the Captain was fairly content with his crew, but he was missing something, a secret weapon, something that no one else had. So he started looking for it… and found it at the center of a black hole: Himass, a black matter mass that gets stronger with each defeated enemy!

Now that the crew of The Curse of the Cosmos is complete, it is time to go hunting for the greatest treasure ever known, and Lumoona might have a clue on where to go: She’s had a vision of floating islands, lots of monsters, and millions of Gems! The course is set! Destination: Monster Legends.