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Lore & Backstory: With Dr. Wattz’ mythic-amber-powered robot army coming together fairly well, he ordered his Dreadnoughts, (the main robot for mass destruction), to clear out a planet that was filled with mythic amber.
But there was one thing in his way; the Krackulhu’s.
The squid-like creatures indigenous to the planet.
They are vicious and intelligent.
The creatures have unlimited regeneration for themselves and their hosts.
What do I mean by hosts?
Well, the Krackulhu’s can possess any monster by puncturing the host’s brain and its own tentacles, before waiting for its tentacles to regenerate and interconnect with the host’s brain; though the Krackulhu’s are quite frail and can be torn apart with ease.
But Dr. Wattz didn’t take into account that these monsters can also possess any sort of machinery as well.
As the Dreadnought’s marched into the Krackulhu's territory, they tore apart almost every single one of the squid-like creatures, until there was only one left.
But that one Krackulhu stood out among the rest.
One of the Dreadnoughts were pulled under the ice by the squid and didn’t come back up to the surface.
The Dreadnought’s assumed their mission with no concern for the single one that was pulled under the ice.
As the Dreadnought’s marched out of the caves, about to rocket up from the planet, they saw the same Dreadnought come back from the surface.
It looked rusty and tentacles were wrapped around its entire body, and the mythic amber core was one with the Krackulhu, but in place of the core was the squid creature’s eye. It wasn’t a Krackulhu and neither a Dreadnought, but now a Dreadnohulhu; mix of the two of them with the Krackulhu in control of the mind. The Remaining Dreadnought’s blasted out of the planet’s orbit with piles of mythic amber in their storage segment but the Dreadnohulhu stalked them all the way back to Dr. Wattz’ base to take revenge on him, for all of the Krackulhu’s that were killed.

Overview: Dreadnohulhu is an extremely versatile metal tank with high-damaging skills that can apply reverse healing to all enemies and synergize it with regeneration!
It can also remove negative effects from itself, and it can apply many positive effects to all of its allies. Not only that, but it has an abundant amount of torture effects, and it has access to possession and corruption!
At rank 0, Dreadnohulhu has a permanent regeneration trait, providing long survivability to itself.
At rank 1, Dreadnohulhu gains the Abomination trait. (Immunity to possession, corruption, nightmares, and bleeding).
making itself immune to two torture skills and two control skills!
At rank 3, Dreadnohulhu has: (Status-Caster) Immunity to Negate Healing and Reverse healing!

Element: Metal

Rarity: Mythic

Books: Families, Sea, Mechanical, Evil legions

Relics: Armor, Sword

Stats (Level 100)

Life: 58,532

Strength: 6,024

Speed: 4,567

Stamina: 180


Tier 1

Deadly Tentacles
Deals insane physical damage to one enemy.
Damage: 75
Accuracy: 100
Element: Physical
Cool-Down: 0
Stamina-Cost: 0

Corruptive and Possessive
Removes positive effects from one enemy. Deals low water damage to one enemy. Applies possession and corruption to one enemy. Requires cooldown.
Dmg: 35
Accuracy: 90
Ele: Water
CD: 1
SC: 40

Tier 2

Swift Tissue Recovery
Removes all negative effects from itself. Applies Double Healing to all allies and all enemies. Gives 1 extra turn to itself.
Dmg: 0
Acc: 100
Ele: Special
CD: 3
SC: 50

Rot And Die!
Deals low metal damage to all enemies. Applies Regeneration to all allies and all enemies. Applies reverse healing to all enemies.
Dmg: 25
Acc: 85
Ele: Metal
CD: 3
SC: 50

Tier 3

Defensive Offense
Deals heavy metal damage to one enemy. Applies taunt to itself.
Dmg: 45
Acc: 100
Ele: Metal
CD: 2
SC: 35

Drown In Nightmares!
Deals moderate water damage to all enemies. Applies drowned and nightmares to all enemies.
Dmg: 40
Acc: 85
Ele: Water
CD: 3
SC: 40

I’ll possess every one of you!
Removes positive effects from all enemies. Deals heavy water damage to all enemies. Applies possession and corruption to all enemies. Applies double healing to all allies and all enemies. Applies Regeneration to all allies and all enemies. Applies reverse healing to all enemies.
Dmg: 50
Acc: 120
Ele: Water

Recommended Allies
Dreadnohulhu can work pretty well with any ally.
But when paired with Wyrmlad, you can drown the enemy in torture effects, and if an enemy applies reverse healing to an unranked, or rank 1 Dreadnohulhu, go ahead and restore the dream!
Ragnarok is also good when paired with Dreadnohulhu.
Ragnarok can apply skill mirror to all allies while Dreadnohulhu sets up Taunt.
Another great ally is Positron.
If you’re running Dreadnohulhu with its high-cooldown skills, and you have Positron, then you’re in luck!
Positron can use Nakama Power to make sure Dreadnohulhu’s cooldowns never slow it down.
Not only that, but Positron can apply immunity to torture, cooldown protections, and dodge area to an ally.
Use Beware Of Timmy on Dreadnohulhu while it sets up taunt, or you even use Beware Of Timmy on another monster or Positron himself while Dreadnohulhu sets up its taunt skill.
Frazerot, Wangzhou, Narok, and other Stamina drain monsters are perfect with Dreadnohulhu.
Frazerot has a bunch of support skills, and Frost Drip just adds on to Dreadnohulhu’s Drowned and Nightmares skill.
Narok can apply curse, stamina leak, and straight-up drain 100% stamina from one enemy.
Wangzhou is also great, as he starts the game off with a Status-Caster 70% Stamina reduction to all enemies.
If you’re running Dreadnohulhu as a pure attacker, then other taunt/megataunt monsters can take up the tank role for it.

Monsters that can remove negative effects like Wyrmlad, Ragnarok, Grakon, Mirak, etc, can really shut down Dreadnohulhu’s main gimmick which is regeneration and reverse healing. Magic monsters with a high damage output like Rara Avis can shut the monster down before it gets a chance to do anything. Monsters with evasion and protection skills can shield themselves from Dreadnohulhu’s hard-hitting attacks. Monsters that can remove positive effects and apply negate healing or reverse healing can get rid of Dreadnohulhu’s base trait that is permanent regeneration.

Feel free to share your thoughts on my monster, if you like the concept, tell me what you like about it.
If you dislike the concept, tell me what you dislike about it.