Dear Dragon Masters,

Every occasion is good to celebrate. And you know what? It’s almost Cinco de Mayo!
So let’s take a chance to have a fiesta! 🌮

4 May - 11 May: Cinco de Mayo Island (Grid)
New Dragons: Alebrije Dragon, Fiesta Dragon, Piñata Dragon

6 May - 11 May: Fiestaventura (Progressive)
New Dragon: Xolotl Dragon

During Cinco de Mayo Island and Fiestaventura, there is a Piñata filled with awesome rewards awaiting. 🎁
Smash the Piñata by collecting “Whacks!” The more you whack the Piñata, the more rewards you get.

Whacks have different intensity, the bigger they are, the stronger! They can give from 1 to 20 hits to the Piñata, and for every hit given you’ll find a different, amazing reward.


Please note, if some rewards obtained from a 'Whack!' are duplicates, they will be grouped together.
For example, if you receive 100 Food + 200 Food, this will be grouped together and displayed as 300 Food.

Happy 5 de Mayo!!! 🌯