Hello everyone and welcome to my 76th analysis, this time featuring Lord Mammoth.
During my time at the Wiki, I've seen many people insult this monster saying he is slow and he doesn't have an AOE Freeze, plus his moves have long CDs. The case is, Mammoth is a tank primarily and an attacker secondarily, so it's not too big of a deal that he doesn't have an AOE Freeze, plus he can survive against his Water brethren thanks to his Freeze immunity. Mammoth starts showing his true powers at higher ranks where his Life is much higher, but as people have complained, Mammoth is very slow and has painful CDs and having the Water element as a tank sucks since he's weak vs. VoltaiK and Zyla, plus Hydrok challenges him in his role as a tank.

-"A Mammoth Is Not A Slave!"
-"Ice Is Coming!"
-"Learn How To Die!"
-"Surrender, Fool"/"I Will Freeze You First!"/"You Are Nothing"
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life/2 Life 1 Speed

The first move heals him by a whopping 80% when you combine the Shield with the actual heal, plus it gives him Damage Boost and is effective vs. Possession. The second move has the golden 45 Base Power and is unresisted. The third move deals great damage to a single enemy and Freezes it. In the last slot, any of the Group 2 moves are acceptable: one deals damage and Freezes the target, the other is an AOE Daze move which compliments his tankiness, and the last is his higher damage unresisted move that also gives him a 30% Shield, enhancing his survivability. 1 Speed, Strength and Life is the standard tank attacker spread, though 2 Life 1 Speed is another alternative since his Self move gives him Damage Boost anyway, plus Water monsters don't have many attackers so it'll be hard for them to break through Mammoth.

Teammates: Captain Copperbeard is a great ally since he can refresh the CDs of Mammoth's moves, allowing them to be used sooner. General Ingvar not only keeps him healthy in all aspects, but he also powers up his unresisted AOE attack.

Countering Lord Mammoth: Timerion is a devastating counter since he'll render Lord Mammoth a sitting duck for 2 turns, and since Mammoth is slow he'll wait for a very long time. Though Freezing him is no good, Stun can still work, as will Stamina Drain.