Hello Dragon Masters! The time has come for my ginormous idea! I will start it off with the High Endeavour Dragon!

Also, as an artist at home remember I put work into these and wish no one to steal, or copy these design. If you want to post elsewhere consult me first and wait for my answers.

The High Endeavour Dragon was an ancient dragon, it’s power far above that of any others. The High Fenrir Dragon cast him aside after a climactic battle, banishing him to the far reaches of the Dragonverse. But after endeavouring much pain, he has fought his way back to Dragon City, and is more then ready to exact his revenge.

The Race Name: Heroic Race, The Banishlands (an evil place in the far corner of the Dragonverse, were all evil lurks)

Prize Dragons
Lap Three = Transcendence Dragon
Legendary = Strange Dragon
Epic = Praetorian Dragon
Very Rare = Depth Dragon

I hope you all like the idea! More will be coming soon!!