I’m sorry I did not post this earlier, I had a few things to do and I forgot to post. But here it is, Day 2 Collections!!

Mythology Collection
Prize Dragon = Demigod Dragon

Citadel Dragon
Mercury God Dragon
Mars God Dragon
Spartan Dragon
Tiamat Dragon
Mischievous Dragon
Noble Dragon
Hercules Dragon
Gauntlet Dragon
Cyclops Dragon
Chimaera Dragon
Atlas Dragon
Hades Dragon
Atlantean Dragon
Ifrit Dragon
Black Knight Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Aztec Emperor Dragon
Aztec Priest Dragon
Sarcophagus Dragon

Oath Collection
Prize Dragon = Burbi Dragon

Copper Dragon
Ozone Dragon
Leaf Dragon
Symbiotic Dragon
Intraterrestrial Dragon
Glitter Dragon
Nessy Dragon
FrozeBeast Dragon
Magma Dragon
Macha Dragon
Squid Dragon
Dancing Dragon
Diva Dragon
Otoroshi Dragon
Yeti Dragon
Wolfreeze Dragon
Ignition Dragon
Wonder Dragon
Retired Dragon
Valiant Dragon

Gemstone Collection
Prize Dragon = Vainglorious Dragon

Aquamarine Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Ruby Dragon
Diamond Dragon
Jewel Dragon
Dragem Dragon
Topaz Dragon
Amethyst Dragon
Pearl Dragon
Quartz Dragon
High Relentless Dragon