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Lore & Backstory: In the heart of the arctic, used to lie the Top Hitman for hire in the entire monster legends world: Hyōki; also called The Death Demon, or Death for short.
Hyōki used to live in the Underworld, longing to be King, until he found a great hobby: Bounty Hunting, and climbing to the top list of Hitmen.
He was ruthless; using his Hell-Raising Blood-Blade to dispatch every monster he was hired to with ease.
Even if he did die, he’d just wake up back in hell.
His Hellish Rampage continued for years; until one day, he went after the King of ice: Ragnarothbrok
King Ragnarothbrok anticipated Hyōki would come, so the King and his army of vikings were prepared. After the battle ensued, the Hyōki was left severely injured and vulnerable. The Vikings captured Hyōki and finally put an end to the Ice Demon’s Hellish Rampage.
After Rothbrok had brought down the Demon, he chained him up inside a vast dungeon below the great Viking Village and castle.
Rothbrok had Hyōki chained up and created ice around the Ice Demon to keep him from escaping.
But the ice below King ViKing’s castle has gradually been thawing, and Hyōki has been absorbing the castle’s treasures, which were Mythic amber.
One day, the large ice caps the Kingdom and its villages were standing upon imploded.
The castle collapsed and only a few survivors were left.
One of them being the Ice Demon himself: Hyōki.
He walked out of the ice castle without a scratch, his veins resonated an orange mythic amber color, and he was stronger than he ever had been years ago.
Now Hyōki is ready to reclaim his throne and make it to the top list of Hitmen.

Overview: Hyōki is a strong Fire Extra-Turn attacker that utilizes freeze, pierce, and quite a few torture skills like Burn, Ignition, and Bleed.
He has two Extra-Turn skills; one that applies Fire Weakness to one enemy and Fire Weakness Hater to himself before giving an Extra-Turn, and one that dishes out heavy Fire damage while also applying Ignition to one enemy.
He also has a skill that deals heavy Water damage to one enemy, and applies freeze and Burn to one enemy.
Hyōki’s special is also a great tool to weaken his enemies and give himself an opportunity to slaughter them all!
At Rank 0, Hyōki has a permanent Pierce trait (He can bypass shields, dodge area, evasion, etc).
At Rank 1, Hyōki gains the Demon trait! (All Status Effects have a 20% less accuracy against him. Immune to Burn and Ignite.).
At Rank 3, Hyōki gains Immunity to Freeze!

Element: Fire
Rarity: Mythic
Books: Evil Legions, Spirits, Underworld, Undead
Relics: Essence, Sword

Stats: (Level 100)

Life: 57,666
Power: 5,777
Speed: 4,888
Stamina: 180


Tier 1

Burning Blood
Deals heavy Fire Damage to one enemy. Applies Bleed to one enemy.
Damage: 45
Accuracy: 95
Element: Fire
Cooldown: 1
Stamina-Cost: 0

Prepare for Hell
Applies Fire Weakness to all enemies.
Dmg: 0
Acc: 90
Ele: Fire
CD: 0
SC: 25

Tier 2

Igniting the Flame
Deals heavy Fire Damage to one enemy. Applies Ignition to one enemy. Gives 1 Extra-Turn to itself. Requires Cooldown.
Dmg: 40
Acc: 85
Ele: Fire
CD: 3
SC: 25

Deals Heavy Water Damage to one enemy. Applies Freeze and Burn to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.
Dmg: 45
Acc: 90
Ele: Water
CD: 2
SC: 25

Tier 3

Just Getting Fired Up
Applies Fire Weakness to one enemy. Applies Fire Weakness Hater to itself Gives 1 Extra-Turn to itself. Requires Cooldown.
Dmg: 0
Acc: 95
Ele: Fire
CD: 3
SC: 50

Nothing Can Stop Me
Removes all Negative Effects from itself. Deals Massive Fire Damage to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.
Dmg: 0
Acc: 85
Ele: Special
CD: 4
SC: 0


Hellish Rampage
Removes all positive and negative effects from itself. Applies Fire Weakness to all enemies. Deals heavy fire damage to all enemies. Applies Burn, Ignite, and Freeze to all enemies.