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Dear Dragon Masters,

We’ve got some great news to share with you!

Your Alliance rocks and you want to prove it to all your Dragon City neighbors? Then it’s time for you to check out the new changes and tweaks to our Alliance feature and get joining an active Alliance if you haven’t already!

So, let’s run through these changes together…

NEW BUILDING: View your rewards as well as your current Chest level with just one tap

Welcome to the new Alliance Fort! You can now easily check your rewards and Chest level: the Tower displays the rewards of the ongoing Alliance Chest, as well as the current Chest level.

PERMANENT SCHEDULE: A Chest is now always active

A new Chest starts immediately after the previous one has ended, meaning there is now always something going on in your Alliance.

More Chests also mean more rewards!

You will find 4 different types of Chests and, for each type, different rewards:

  • Arena Battles: rewards you with Gems;

  • Breeding Dragons: rewards you with Dragon Orbs;

  • Hatching Eggs: rewards you with Food

  • League Battles: rewards you with Joker Orbs

Plus, all Chests that have a duration of 3 days or more also include Trade Essences!

MORE LEVELS, BETTER REWARDS: team up to reach level 6

The new Alliance feature now includes:

  • 6 Chest levels (instead of the previous 5 levels). This extra level is more challenging, but also more rewarding!

  • A new points system allowing lots of Alliances to reach a higher level than ever before.

  • All Chest rewards are now more valuable! In fact, you can now find a variety of Orbs, with constantly rotating dragons. With continuous participation, the most engaged players will get their hands on a 5* Empowered Dragon!

  • Remember, if you’re still looking for Orbs of the previous Alliance Dragons (e.g. Destiny Dragon) or wish to Empower them further, then why not use the new Missing Dragon Rescue feature? (More rarities coming soon!)

Remember, by joining an active Alliance you maximize your chances of getting better rewards!


Thanks to a polished User Interface you can:

  • Trade with your Alliance directly via the Fort

  • Access and navigate the Alliance Fort with more ease.

And after a bunch of technical improvements, your new Alliance Fort is up and running like clockwork!

So, team up and win big! 😉

Your Dragon City Team