Welcome to this colorful Rainbow series of Events! 🌈

During our 3 Rainbow Events, you will able to collect shiny Rainbow Tokens to upgrade your brand new Rainbow Habitat!

But what is special about this new Habitat?
Well, first of all, the Rainbow Habitat welcomes dragons of all elements, and secondly, when upgrading the Habitat to level 5, you will be rewarded with a Pure Gold Dragon! Plus, it can hold up to 25 dragons.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this series of colorful events, which run on the following dates:

28 May - 8 Jun: Rainbow Realm Island (Maze)
29 May - 3 Jun: Rainbow Puzzle Island
3 Jun - 7 Jun: Rainbow Runner Island

How and when can you obtain the Rainbow Habitat?
You can obtain the Rainbow Habitat for free, providing you have already reached level 7, upon restarting your game application (closing and reopening the app).

How can I upgrade the Rainbow Habitat?
Find and open Token Trunks during the three Rainbow Island Events. Inside these Chests, you will find Rainbow Tokens that allow you to upgrade your Rainbow Habitat, like any other Habitat.

How many dragons can fit in the Rainbow Habitat?
Depending on the level of your Rainbow habitat, you can fit 3-6-9-12-15-20-25 dragons.

How do I get the Pure Gold Dragon?
In order to obtain the Pure Gold Dragon, you need to upgrade your Rainbow Habitat to level 5.
You’ll instantly be able to claim the dragon while your Habitat is completing its upgrade to level 5 by simply restarting the game application. After launching the game again, check your storage to make sure you have received your Pure Gold Dragon!

Please remember that in order to hatch the Pure Gold Dragon, you need to reach level 22 of your game account!

Why do all dragons in the Rainbow Habitat appear as baby dragons?
This is a small bug that will be fixed in the next update.

Why aren’t the stats of the Habitat shown, nor how many dragons I have or how many new slots I will gain with the next upgrade?
These few visual bugs will also be fixed in the next update.

We really hope you’ll enjoy this colorful series of events! 🌈

Your Dragon City Team