Dear Dragon Masters,

Summer is coming and so is another month of exciting events! 🌅

We hope you are all enjoying the current Rainbow events as they bring us into a new month.
The themes of the upcoming June events are based on players’ inputs so we are really looking forward to hearing your opinions once released!

Now, without further ado, let's take a look at the full list of events together. 🌞

28 May - 8 Jun: Rainbow Realm Island (Maze)
New Dragons: Dreamgaze Emerald Dragon, Illustrious Ruby Dragon, Sunset Opal Dragon

29 May - 3 Jun: Rainbow Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Impervious Diamond Dragon, Perseverance Pearl Dragon

3 Jun - 7 Jun: Rainbow Runner Island
New Dragon: Enlightened Lapis Dragon

8 Jun - 13 Jun: Lost World Episode I: Journey (Progressive)
New Dragon: Ravager Dragon

10 Jun - 17 Jun: Lost World Episode II: Discovery (Grid)
New Dragons: Treetop Dragon, Tri-Ice Dragon, Aerosoar Dragon

13 Jun - 18 Jun: Lost World Episode III: Awakening (Puzzle)
New Dragons: Stegoshock Dragon, Spinokrok Dragon

18 Jun - 29 Jun: Scorched Lands Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Scorchwing Dragon

22 Jun - 26 Jun: Scorched Pyramid (Maze)
New Dragon: Fireflower Dragon

26 Jun - 29 Jun: Scorched City (Fog)
New Dragons: Burning Sands Dragon, Heatwave Dragon

29 Jun - 6 Jul: Fireworks (Grid)
New Dragon: Uniting Dragon, Spectacle Dragon, Aegis Dragon

We hope you are excited about the themes of our upcoming events!
Have fun! 🐲