In order to make the forum more visibly pleasing and user friendly we the moderators and admins have decided to reduce the number of stickied topics. However there are many that are useful for new and veteran players. So here you will find an index of the monthly and event updates from the SP developers in the Updates sub-section.

Monthly Updates

Message from the Producer - July '17
Message from the producer - June '17
Message from the Producer - May '17

Misc Updates

Official Statement - Event Points Ragnarok Island
Offer Wall Task - I completed a Offer Wall Task but did not receive any Gems.
New update: more space for Dragons!
Closing down the Old Forum - 20th of June
Update: Technical Issue 24/05/17

Event Updates

Legends of Deus - Episode 4 & where to get the Orbs!
Heroic Race - Summer: Special Rewards!
Legends of Deus - Episode 3 & where to get the Orbs!
Legends of Deus - Episode 2 & Where to get the Orbs!
Heroic Race Special Rewards - Demonic Dojo