I noticed that when I used the Ancient World, it hadn't ever been updated at all, no updated interface, and it feels out of place within the game. When I first played Dragon City, the Ancient Portal gave me a sense of wonder and awe. I was always excited to look at new dragons I had never seen before. When I finally unlocked the world, I was immensely disappointed by the lack of care it got from the developers!
I wish for the Ancient World to be more intuitive for all Dragon City players. How about adding special crystals that could be used in Portal Events? Example: You could make a dragon called the Ancient Dragon, a Legendary dragon that represents the Ancient World.
You would use "Ancient Dragon Crystals" and by doing missions, you can activate the corresponding Event Mine a certain amount of times depending on the difficulty of the mission. Then you could get the crystals for the event dragon. I hope that the dedicated and hard-working Dragon City creators will use this idea or part of it in some form.

  • a Dragon City player