Do you feel that sweltering heat? It must be because you are fast approaching the Scorched Lands... The blistering home of some new, powerful dragons! Among them, you will find the High Scorchwing Dragon, the first Heroic with Flame as its core element! 🔥

A trio of Islands make up the Scorched Lands:

18 Jun - 29 Jun: Scorched Lands Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Scorchwing Dragon

22 Jun - 26 Jun: Scorched Pyramid (Maze)
New Dragon: Fireflower Dragon

26 Jun - 29 Jun: Scorched City (Fog)
New Dragons: Burning Sands Dragon, Heatwave Dragon

During these 3 events, you will find Scorched Chests. These Chests contain exciting rewards, such as Gems, Flame & Terra Tokens, Flame & Terra Legendaries, Flame & Terra Titans, plus Sun Shards.

Sun Shards are precious! Collect them to receive Orbs of the new Scorched Lands dragons that you own.
For every 5 Sun Shards you find, you will receive 40 Orbs of those dragons mentioned above, that you own. This will allow you to Empower your new dragons!

If you obtain a new Scorched Land dragon AFTER collecting a sufficient amount of Sun Shards, no need to worry, you will still receive Orbs of that dragon!

Prepared to withstand the hot winds of the Scorched Lands? Good. Then let your fiery adventure begin! 🔥