Hello everyone and welcome to my 77th analysis, this time featuring Blob.
Blob is very fast and thanks to this he can outspeed many relevant threats such as most deniers. Also, Blob utilizes Stamina Drain, which no monster is immune to thanks to his 100% Stamina Drain being unresisted. Blob also shows promise as an attacker, with a nice Base Strength and some powerful attacks. However, Blob has very low Base Life and a rather useless trait, plus he can't be an attacker and a counter-denier at the same time efficiently.

-Fluid Smash
-Liquid Shards
-Liquid Strokes
-Liquid Slaps/Fluid Slam
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Fluid Smash drains all of the target's Stamina, which is perfect for denying. Liquid Shards drains half of the enemy team's Stamina and can be used to deny after they have recharged. Liquid Strokes deals high unresisted damage and drains 50% Stamina from the target. Liquid Slaps has 0 CD, is unresisted and drains 25% Stamina from the target, but Fluid Slam gives him Damage Boost. 3 Speed allows Blob to outspeed most monsters and deny them, or 2 Speed 1 Strength sacrifices the ability to deny most deniers, but deals more damage.

Teammates: General Thetys is the perfect partner, as Stamina Devourers+Liquid Shards denies the enemy team for 2 turns.

Counter Blob: General Thetys is a very effective counter as her Elite Sea Troops refills all allies' Stamina completely. General Ingvar's Stamina Regen is higher than the usual 20%, so he can use that to keep his monsters from being denied. Krampus speed-ties with Blob and if he outspeeds, he can deny Blob.