Hello everyone and welcome to my 78th analysis, this time featuring Polaris Sea.
Polaris Sea has all the tools necessary for a Water denier: AOE Freeze, good Speed and immunity to Freeze. He can also keep himself healthy throughout the match with Regrow Limbs, which is very valuable in an environment which lacks in the damage department, making for a good tank. However, Polaris Sea's Speed tier falls short of 3465, which allows deniers like Captain Copperbeard and Hiroim the Tenacious to outspeed him, and his beautiful attacker movepool is wasted by his bad Base Strength, plus, at least in the case of his tank build, having the Water element sucks as you are weak to VoltaiK and Zyla.

-Deep Freeze
-Regrow Limbs
-Star Blades
-Deep Cold/Arm Healing
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed/1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life

Deep Freeze is an AOE Freeze. Regrow Limbs removes all negative status effects from him and restores 25% Life. Star Blades has a great 40 Base Power, is unresisted and applies Bleed to all enemies. The last slot determines his set: Deep Cold Freezes a target whereas Arm Healing not only does minor unresisted damage, but it heals for 25% for 0 CD. 3 Speed makes him a denier and 3 Team Speed speeds up your main denier, but 1 Speed, Strength and Life makes him hard to kill thanks to Regrow Limbs and especially Arm Healing-this build should be used in Wars where it takes advantage of the generally low damage output of most Water monsters.

Teammates: The 3 Speed build can be used on any team thanks to being a denier. The 3 Team Speed variant can be used with a 3 Speed denier to speed him up, or with another 3 Team Speed monster and VoltaiK/Zyla. The 1 Speed, Strength and Life build can last on its own, but it needs a denier in PvP plus it's more efficient in Wars.

Countering Polaris Sea: Being faster than the 3 (Team) Speed and denying it is the best counter, as is having immunity to Freeze. If he has the tank build, focus on finishing off his 2 other teammates and then gang up on him, or use Blob to deny him, at the same time dealing high damage.