Hello everyone and welcome to my 79th analysis, this time featuring Enypiast.
Enypiast is one of the best answers to Water monsters as he has 3465 Speed, uses Possession as his deny method and can give his teammates immunity to Freeze. In addition to that, he can also make his allies immune to Stun and Possession. However, Enypiast is very passive after his AOE Possession has been used and doesn't initially have an immunity to Freeze.

-Lack of Nutrients
-Abyssopelagic Zone
-Complete Darkness
-Mesopelagic Zone
Runes: 3 Speed

Lack of Nutrients is an AOE Possession which most Water monsters aren't immune to. Abyssopelagic Zone removes all debuffs and most importantly gives the team immunity to Freeze. Complete Darkness deals minor damage and gives the team immunity to Possession. Mesopelagic Zone gives all allies Damage Boost and immunity to Stun. 3 Speed is a must since he has to go first in order to immobilize/give immunities.

Teammates: Any team would appreciate Enypiast since he can not only deny, but he can give immunities to 3 of the most common deny forms to his entire team. Note that his artificial immunities also block Glitched, Hacked and Mega Stun.

Countering Enypiast: Removing positive effects will rid his teammates of their immunities. Having a Self move renders Possession useless. Time Stop, Stamina Drain and CDs Activated can bypass his immunities.